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About Us

The beginning:

In 2015, a friend and I picked up a drone and a camera to make a video. It turned into a business idea and since then we've been addicted to creating videos. 

Growing the business:

In 2018, my friend made the decision to pursue a career in the medical profession. I continued to pursue video production, mainly focusing on wedding videography and animation. 

Learning New Skills:

In 2021 I started working at a studio, based in Wichita, Kansas. During my time at the studio, I continued to freelance.


Building a Business

In May of 2022, I left the studio but I still have a great relationship with them to this day. In May I, with the help of friends,

 formed Joel Caporale Media.


Today Joel Caporale Media focuses on producing

high quality media for corporations, not profits, and documentary productions. 

Going Forward

In the next few years we hope to expand to having more full time partners that can deliver an even better product for our clients whether it be graphics, animations, documentaries, commercials, or whatever anyone may need.

Our Clients

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